Not usually, all digital ready antennas are also suitable for High Definition. However if your antenna system suffers from poor or low signal, you may find that high definition channels are the first to suffer problems. This can occur if you a using a non digital ready TV antenna or if the cable used is not RG6 quad-shield cable.

This can have a number of causes, but generally it is caused by low or poor quality signal. Poor quality signal can occur if the antenna system is not digital ready.

Sometimes even with the best possible installation this can occur occasionally. Digital reception is susceptible to electromagnetic interference which can be caused by power lines, air conditioners and faulty light transformers and dimmers just to mention a few. This occurs mainly in older homes and is not a common issue. Upgrading the cable to high quality RG6 quad-shield cable will generally improve the problem significantly if not eliminating it altogether.

This is never recommended due to the quality of the signal being significantly reduced. Should a customer request that the antenna be placed under a tile roof, this can be achieved but the high quality image would not be guaranteed.

Each point whether in use or not reduces the signal by approximately 8%. Signal strength is required to be between 45 to 80dB (ideal is 65db at each outlet). Thus if there are more than 4 points to the household the signal would likely reduce to less than the minimal signal and an amplifier would be needed to boost the signal.

We tune televisions, PVRs, video recorders, digital boxes and set up DVDs.

Sorry, we do not do any repairs of Televisions, VRC’s or other devices. Of course if you have bought new equipment we are able to help you set it up correctly.

A digital satellite service named VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) is available for viewers in remote areas as well as metropolitan areas who are located in blackspots.

Basically if you are unable to receive Terrestrial signal (normal digital TV) you will qualify to receive VAST via satellite. Our technicians are qualified to install satellite dishes as well and can assist you with this.

For more information about VAST satellite television go to www.mysattv.com.au

Freeview is a joint advertising campaign by Free-to-air broadcasters to promote Digital TV. Basically it is a way of competing against pay TV for viewer share.

For more information on Freeview you can visit: www.freeview.com.au

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