TravelSat SP75 Mobile PayTV Satellite Kit (LITE)

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This kit contains all the essential items required to receive FOXTEL or AUSTAR whilst on the road (with your own decoder). We call it our LITE kit because we have only included the bare essentials when putting this kit together. If you are considering buying a portable satellite kit for FOXTEL our AUSTAR you should also consider our TravelSat SP75 DELUXE Kit.



The TravelSat SP75 dish has been a stock item for over 8 years and over that time, thousands have been sold. They’ve been used all over Australia from Burnie to Bamaga and beyond. The SP75 measures 75cm across and 83cm top to bottom. It features a rolled edge for extra strength and is zinc coated then painted.





The rear bracket is the best design with a single wingnut to loosen to adjust the elevation of the dish. We’ve always favoured this design as opposed to other brands like Azure Shine or Triax with their over complicated mechanism and difficult to read elevation scale. There’s even a plastic retaining clip to hold the U bolts together and stop the dish from sliding down the mast while you’re sorting out the alignment.





For quick set up and pack up, the front LNB arm can be easily removed by loosening the knob on the rear of the dish.







A sturdy tripod is included which has adjustable legs for uneven ground, bubble level and peg holes in the feet. This weighs about 4.5KG and packs down to 600mm.







Setup and ready to go, the TravelSat SP75 dish with tripod will look like this.









The included LNB (amplifier on the front of the dish) is compatible with Austar and Foxtel and has a twin cable wired from the dish. This is suitable for all standard pay TV boxes, MyStar and Foxtel IQ.





SATELLITE METER – SF3235 Analogue Satellite Meter

You’ll need to align your satellite dish to the satellite and to do this we include a needle and tone satellite finder as standard.

This is a basic meter as sold by most other satellite companies and does require a little patience and understanding to get the dish aligned correctly. The meter is connected inline and gets its power from the connected coaxial cable coming from the van.

A sensitivity dial is adjusted on the side of the finder and the dish is rotated until a signal is found. This is indicated by a rise of the needle on the display. If the needle goes off the scale, it can be adjusted lower and the dish fine tuned for maximum signal. If no signal is being received by the decoder inside the van, then you may be on the wrong satellite. Repeat the above until the next satellite is found.








  • a short twin cable for the dish to connect to the meter
  • twin 10m cable from the dish to the caravan wall
  • twin internal 1m cable from the inside wall to the decoder.






  • TravelSat SP75 Satellite Dish & tripod
  • Twin Output LNB
  • SF3235 Analogue Satellite Meter
  • Twin Cable Kit (2 x 1m, 1 x 10m)





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