TravelSat Optima-T2 Portable VAST Satellite TV Kit (DELUXE)

This kit contains all the essential items required to receive free-to-air TV whilst on the road.  We call it our LITE kit because we have only included the bare essentials when putting this kit together.  If you are considering buying a portable satellite kit you should also consider our Optima-T2 DELUXE Kit.


The benefit of a satellite system is that you can have access to free-to-air TV no matter where you are in Australia (no matter how remote).  And if you’re going to buy a satellite system, then why not buy the most compact satellite system available? The Optima-T2 Portable VAST Satellite TV LITE Kit.

The Best Caravan Satellite TV Dish

There is no other caravan satellite dish available that compares with the new Optima-T2. The predecessor to the Optima-T2 was the original Optima-75T fold-in-half satellite dish. It was the most compact, versatile and robust portable satellite dish in Australia until it was superseded by the Optima-T2 in February 2016.

What Makes The Optima-T2 The Best Portable Satellite Dish?

As any caravan owner would know, space is a premium when on the road. There are some other good portable satellite TV dishes that we sell but they all take up at least twice the space as the Optima-T2. When packed into the supplied carry bags the Optima-T2 is not much bigger than the average piece of carry-on luggage that passengers take on-board an aircraft.

Secondly, the Optima-T2 is a fibreglass satellite dish and far more robust than the pressed metal dishes. If a metal dish bounces around in the back of a caravan it is likely to dint or warp which will significantly affect the performance of the dish.

optima-t2 satellite dish


Fibreglass Dish Construction

The Optima-T2 boasts a compression moulded fibreglass reflector with 3mm panels. This offers the ultimate in strength and durability and allows for the dish to fold in half and be stored away without any fear of damage.





Alignment Made Easy?

The Optima-T2 has made satellite dish alignment easy. There are no longer wingnuts that need to be tightened or brackets fitted. The dish simply slides onto the shaft of the tripod and a simple clamping “cam” mechanism is used to hold it firmly in place. To adjust the direction of the dish you simply loosen the cam and rotate the dish.

The second easy adjustment is the elevation. On the old Optima-75T and every other satellite dish on the market making fine adjustments to the elevation was difficult. On the Optima-T2 you can adjust the elevation with just 2 fingers by rotating a knob on the side of the dish.

optima t2 satellite dish


optima-t2 dish


SatKing 800CA VAST Decoder

The SatKing 800CA VAST Decoder is undoubtedly the best decoder for use in a caravan and motorhome. Its small size and low power consumption as well as 12V and 240V operation coupled with features like PVR ready (recording direct to an external USB drive), easy to use on-screen menus, IR sensor port (so you can hide the decoder away in a cupboard and have the sensor outside the cupboard), HDMI output and more.

You’ll get access to the complete range of free to air Australian TV channels almost anywhere in Australia.

SATELLITE METER – ClearSat 3240 Pro Handheld Meter

***** OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 26TH MARCH. If you order we will contact you with details of an alternative Digital Satellite Meter that we can provide now or allow you to put one of these meters on backorder. If you choose not to proceed with the order you will recieve a FULL refund. ******

You’ll need to align your satellite dish to the satellite and to do this we include the best consumer level satellite meter in the market.  This meter will save you hours of headaches and may even save your marriage!

The ClearSat 3240 Pro Handheld Meter is the ultimate satellite TV VAST Foxtel caravan traveller’s meter. The ClearSat 3240 will have your dish lined up in minutes not hours.

Programmed specifically for the VAST and PayTV networks, the ClearSat 3240 Pro Handheld Meter will lock on quick and is very responsive.

Powered by a built in, long life lithium battery, there’s no need to be dragging your coaxial cable around while looking for the best position for your dish. Robust build quality with rubberized handle makes holding the meter in your hand much easier than some of the larger more cumbersome meters.

Expected battery life while in use is around 4 hours so given it’ll only take you a couple of minutes to align the dish, charges will be few and far between. On the subject of charging, the ClearSat 3240 comes standard with an AC charger.

ClearSat 3240 Digital Satellite Meter




  • A short cable for the dish to connect to the meter.
  • 10m cable from the dish to the caravan wall.
  • Internal 1m cable from the inside wall to the decoder.


A basic compass can be supplied with our system. You don’t need to be a scout’s captain to align a dish. The compass is used as a reference to North. When you read through our instruction manual, you’ll notice that the direction charts relate to North.


You’ll need a way to connect that external coaxial cable in through your van wall. We can supply our EziPlate weatherproof wall fitting that is easy and neat to install. The EziPlate can adjust to wall thicknesses up to 35mm and is a direct, no loss connection from outside to in. You may already have something similar but unless it is a direct connection from outside to in with no joins or splitter in between then it will not work.


Connect your SatKing 800CA VAST Decoder to your TV using the included HDMI cable for the clearest possible picture.



Everything makes sense when they come with concise instructions and we include our TravelSat manual to assist you with directions, elevation angles as well as decoder screenshots and more.

travelsat user manual


If you’re looking for a high performance system that is both compact and simple then look no further than the Optima75-T Mobile VAST Satellite TV DELUXE Kit.


  • Optima75-T Satellite Dish, tripod & carry bag.
  • Single Output LNB.
  • Satking 800CA 12v/240v VAST Satellite Decoder.
  • ClearSat 3240 Pro Handheld Meter.
  • Cable Kit (2 x 1m, 1 x 10m).
  • Compass.
  • 12v Cigarette Lead.
  • Single Ezi-Plate.
  • 1.5m HDMI cable.
  • TravelSat User Manual.

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