Single Channel Digital Modulator SD

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DSM-T1 is a MPEG-2 Encoding, COFDM Modulation (DVB-T Modulator), and Frequency Conversion 3-in-1 Digital TV Signal Modulator. It converts one AV signal into a digital modulated (DVB-T) signal.

This device is intended for the MATV systems to add more digital TV programs. The sources of its AV signals can be a satellite receiver, CCTV camera, DVD player, Antenna etc. Its output signal is to be received by an integrated digital TV set or DVB-T receiver.

There’s no doubt that the time will come sooner rather than later when all TV’s whether they be LCD, plasma or LED will only feature a digital tuner. Analog is on its way out and when this happens, all distributed signals whether in a house, motel or commercial building will need to be digital.

Many hotels/motels/clubs etc have an array of equipment such as satellite decoders, VCR, DVD players and the like that are outputing via AV into an analog modulator and distributing throughout the building. This just isn’t going to work for too much longer and the need to convert those AV signals to digital should come sooner rather than later.

Even in a household environment let’s say you want to watch your Foxtel or Austar throughout the house on any TV and you’ve just gone out and purchased a few new LED slimline TV’s. Chances are that the house is wired with good quality coaxial cable. All you need to do is connect the digital modulator at the back of the decoder and feed that into your existing coaxial network. The Foxtel AV signal will be converted to digital and will be picked up by your digital TV as if it was a digital channel broadcast from the TV tower.


The following can be set on the front panel:

  • Output frequency 470MHz to 862MHz
  • Output level 80 -95dBuV
  • Constellation mode 16/64 QAM
  • FEC 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
  • Guard interval 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
  • MPEG2 rate 6Mbps, 8Mbps, 10Mbps, 12Mbps
  • Channel bandwidth 5/6/7/8MHz
  • TV colour system PAL/NTSC
  • Channel name can be set by operator (numbers and letters)
  • LCD background light can be set to illuminate for 10-250 sec.

The DSM-T1 represents excellent value for money when compared to other COFDM encoder/modulators.
See the diagram below.




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