SignalMax 2 in 4 out Amplified Multiswitch

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These SignalMax amplified multiswitches are used where multiple satellite decoders are connected from a single satellite dish.

A typical installation would comprise of a TWIN OUTPUT LNB installed on the dish with twin cables connected from the LNB ports to the vertical and horizontal input ports of the multi-switch.

From the switch, a single cable is run to each satellite decoder. In the case of a pay TV decoder such as MyStar or Foxtel IQ, two cables are required to be connected to each decoder from the switch.

A 2 in 4 out multiswitch is sufficient for up to 4 single tuner decoders or up to 2 twin tuner decoders. If you require more connections than this, then the Signalmax 2 in 8 out switch is recommended.

These switches were Austar approved until the Foxtel take over thus the quality and reliability is paramount. Being amplified, these switches provide a no loss connection from the dish direct to the decoder unlike a non amplified switch. Can be mounted inside the roof space.


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