SatKing 220CA HD Satellite Decoder

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Introducing the featured packed DVBS 220CA.

When powered on for the first time, the user is greeted with an easy DISH SETUP screen that enables you to choose the satellite you’re receiving, set the LNB frequency and perform a BLIND SCAN of all available channels. This means you don’t need to know all of the frequencies for the services you are scanning. The unit will scan all available free to air channels and store them for viewing.

The DVBS 220CA has PVR support so a small hard drive or USB memory stick can be inserted in the back and programs can be recorded direct to the drive.

Resolution capability is fantastic. Up to 1080P so when connected via HDMI to your HD monitor or TV, the picture quality, when viewing HD programs will look superb. The unit features a nice, easy to read EPG, support for MPEG2 and MPEG4 compression standards, 10,000 channel storage, OSD subtitles, DiSEqC support for multiple dish setups and/or motorised system, NTSC and PAL support, Auto PID search, parental lock function, software upgradeable via USB and more.

If you’re after a low priced, well featured decoder for international TV channels from C or KU band or even Christian TV channels from Optus D2 then this is the one.

Perfect for C Band and KU Band. Lost your RAI International channel, the SatKing 220CA is the answer. RAI International has moved to MPEG4 HD broadcast and most satellite decoders no longer work. We will program the SatKing 220CA for you so all you have to do is plug it in and connect. We’ll even move RAI International to channel 1 so it is ready to go. You can even schedule recording by plugging in a USB stick into the back of the 220CA and record direct to the memory stick. Simply unplug your existing satellite box and plug this one in (subject to your dish being properly aligned to the satellite) and you’ll be watching your favourite channel again.

NOT SUITABLE FOR VAST – Viewer Access Satellite Television.


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