Maxview Precision Mobile Satellite Dish

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Designed with the user in mind for easy set up and quick signal finding.

Key System Features:

    • Pre-assembled quality parts for very quick and easy set up.
    • Lightweight yet sturdy design, suitable for use on most terrains.
    • Dish size 75cm for complete Australian coverage.
    • Fitted with single LNB.
    • All weather resistant construction.
    • Folds down neatly for compact storage in the two holdalls provided.
    • Compatible for use with any touring vehicle.
    • Includes compass to help locate satellite position quickly and easily.
    • Designed for use with any satellite decoder.
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
    • 2 year guarantee.





Unique & Innovative features:




A. Elevation indicator, easy to view elevation angle read out.

B. Integrated Sat Finder, helps you to align your satellite dish to the satellite.

C. North Leg Sticker. Point this leg North using included compass for quicker set up.

D. Level Indicator. A level tripod will allow for a quicker set up and a more accurate elevation reading.

E. Magnetic LNB Lock. To secure LNB arm when in closed position.

F. Folds Down Neatly for compact storage in the two holdalls provided.

G. Complete With Holdalls for easy compact handling



Limited Satellite Zone

Reduces margin for error, so locking onto the correct signal quicker and easier.





Accurate Adjustment

Accurate adjustment. Fine tuning made easy, simply twist knob for the desired angle required to locate your chosen satellite.




Full Kit Includes:

  • Precision Satellite System.
  • Tripod Satellite Stand.
  • Integrated Sat Finder.
  • Compass.
  • Satellite System Holdall.
  • Tripod Holdall.
  • 10m Flexible “F” Cable.
  • Universal LNB.
  • Ground Pegs.
  • Elevation Map.
  • Quick Set Up Guide.


Technical Details:

Dimensions: H: 156cm W:100cm.
Weight: 6.6kg.





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