EziPlate Dual Weatherproof Caravan Fitting

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The EziPlate Dual ensures a low loss, through the wall connection of both satellite and standard antenna signals. Comes standard with F type connectors, this fitting will suit wall thickness up to 35mm. Unique wall plate that will suit almost every motorhome, caravan or camper. Easy to install:

  1. Decide the best place to install and ensure there is no wall framing, power cables or piping inside the wall.
  2. Drill a small 3mm pilot hole through the inside lining then poke a screwdriver inside and feel around to make sure there are no hidden surprises. If you can touch the outside wall with the screwdriver then you’re fine.
  3. Continue on through the wall with the 3mm drill bit.
  4. Using a 10mm drill bit, from the outside, bore the hole out all the way through.
  5. Take the rubber cover, nut, stainless and rubber washers off and push the extension connector through from the inside so that the architrave plate is flush and the extension fitting is poking through about 10mm.
  6. Refit the rubber washer and stainless washer and nut and tighten by hand. Then nick up with a spanner for one full turn. Fit the weatherproof boot and you’re done.

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