ClearSat VAST Ready Twin Output 10.700GHz LNB

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The ClearSat twin output LNB is recommended for use where:

  • 2 decoders are to be connected to the one dish to receive signals from VAST and Pay TV.
  • 1 x twin tuner satellite decoder is to be used for pay TV services.
  • A multiswitch is to be used. The twin outputs are fed into the V and H inputs on the multiswitch and each decoder is connected to the ports on the multiswitch.

The ClearSat twin output 10.7GHz LO LNB has a frequency range of 11.7-12.75GHz. This type of LNB is recommended for use with all of the Optus satellites including pay TV and VAST services.

Featuring 2 output F connectors, this LNB enables you to connect 2 satellite decoders to a single satellite dish and operate each decoder independently OR connect both ports to a twin tuner decoder to enable live view and recording capability.

Frequency range of 11.7-12.75GHz and local oscillator of 10.7GHz. Noise figure 0.6dB (typical). This is a WIDEBAND LNB recommended for most KU satellites.

Our twin output LNB failure rate is virtually non-existent and come with a 2 year replacement warranty.


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