ClearSat VAST Ready 10.700GHz LNB – Calibrated for mobile use

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Best for travellers, this calibrated 10.700GHz LNB covers the entire frequency range as recommended by Optus for use on all Optus satellites.

The LNB is engraved with a positive and negative numerical scale to assist with “skewing” the LNB as you travel to different locations around Australia.

BONUS – We also supply via email our latest charts that show LNB Skew as well as direction and elevation for all of Australia (only available with purchase of this LNB). This LNB is recommended for use with PAY and VAST satellite TV services (single tuner Pay TV decoders only).

If your existing LNB is 5 years old or more, we’d recommend replacing it with one of these, even as a backup. 



  • Freq Range: 11.7-12.75GHz
  • Local Oscillator Freq: 10.7GHz
  • Noise Figure: 0.5dB
  • Output range: 1000-2150MHz

 Our single output LNB is so reliable we offer a 2 year replacement warranty.


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