ClearSat 3240 Pro Handheld Digital Satellite Meter

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We suggest you consider our SF600 Digital Satellite Finder as an alternative.


Australia’s best consumer level satellite TV meter for VAST & Foxtel. The ultimate caravan satellite meter. The ClearSat 3240 will have your dish lined up in minutes not hours.

Programmed specifically for the Optus C1 satellite, VAST & PayTV networks, the ClearSat 3240 digital satellite meter will lock on quick and is very responsive.


ClearSat 3240 Satellite Finder


Built to last with a rubberised ergononic handle, the ClearSat 3240 sits in your hand much easier than some of the larger more cumbersome meters. Powered by a built in, long life lithium battery, there’s no to connect it to a decoder and drag around a coaxial cable whilst aligning your portable satellite dish. 

Charges will be few and far between given it’ll only take you a couple of minutes to align the dish. If used constantly the battery life is around 4 hours. The ClearSat 3240 comes standard with an AC charger.
Switching the unit on and getting to the alignment screen is as simple as switching the ON/OFF sliding switch on the top of the unit and you’re ready to go. To make you life as easy as possible, we’ve programmed it to go straight to the essential signal measuring menu so once you turn it on there are no more buttons to push.


ClearSat 3240 Pro Handheld Satellite Meter


Digital TV is a essentially a “digital data stream” which means, in layman’s terms, that the “QUALITY” of the signal is just as important as the signal “STRENGTH”.

If you have a signal “STRENGTH” of 99% but a signal “QUALITY” of less than 50% then you are going to experience problem with your TV picture.

Signal “QUALITY” can initially be good but then the weather changes and the picture can start breaking up (pixelating). This is usuallly means the dish wasn’t aligned correctly and not enough focus was on the signal “QUALITY” and the signal to noise ratio. This sounds complex but it’s not.

In simple terms, turn the meter on, hit the satellite, peak up the dish for maximum signal “QUALITY” so the higher the number the more robust the digital signal becomes….simple. The beeper also gets faster too.

The buzzer and backlight can be turned off if required.


ClearSat 3240 Satellite Finder

When connected to your dish, the ClearSat 3240 will remain silent with a 0% indication on the signal quality bar. As you get closer the 3240 will start to beep slowly and show a low signal reading (even when very little signal is being detected). The beeping will become more rapid and the percentage will increase. Aim to get as much signal quality as possible. Then connect your cable from the van direct to the dish and you know with confidence, everything will work.

ClearSat 3240


  • MPEG 4 DVB-S and DVB-S2 compliant
  • Built in buzzer with SIGNAL STRENGTH and QUALITY indication
  • Lithium battery
  • “LOCK” indicator when satellite has been found
  • Basic spectrum screen
  • Calculate angle feature
  • Backlit and easy to read in direct sunlight (almost impossible with a standard CRT TV screen in sunlight)
  • Comfortable rubberised grip
  • 12V DC operation and easily re-charged via the included charger



  • ClearSat 3240 digital satellite meter
  • AC charger
  • Short F to F fly lead
  • RS232 to USB cable (no updates required)
  • Compass
  • Gift box



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