Azure Shine 65cm KU Band Satellite Dish

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The Azure Shine 65cm KU band satellite dish is suitable for reception of NSS6, Asiasat4, Optus D2, Optus C1/D3, Optus D1, Intelsat19 and others in most eastern parts of Australia.


Antenna Size: 65cm
Dish Material: Steel
Reflector Finish: Polyester Powder Coating
LNBF Clamp: 40mm
Reflector Optics: Offset
Offset Angle: 28°
Aperture Efficiency: 80%
Horizontal Axis: 65cm
Vertical Axis: 74cm
Gain @ 12.5GHz KU: 37.6dB
Focal Length: 32.5cm
F/D Ratio: 0.5
Mount Type: Az/El
Azimuth Alignment: 360°
Elevation Alignment: 15° – 87°
Pole Diameter: 30-48mm
Operating Temperature: -40°C – +60°C
Operating Wind: 90km/h
Survival Wind: 180km/h



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